On Holiday #BlogFlash2012

Hi. It’s Day 22 and the #BlogFlash2012 prompt for today is On Holiday. This subject gives a great deal of scope, but I decided to go with the more traditional translation and write a short fictional story. I’m sure some of you will relate to this. I hope you like it!


On Holiday


The sun blazed down from a cloudless sky; Amy massaged water-resistant sun cream into Grant’s exposed skin. He wriggled, impatient to go and play.

“Keep still and it won’t take so long.” Amy continued until she was satisfied he was covered. She put the cream on the sunbed and grabbing his hand said, “Come on then.”

They ran down the beach and into the water where it lapped gently on the shore; in the shallows they began splashing each other, having fun, laughing.

Later as they dried off, Grant looked up beaming and said, “This has been the bestest day. I really love being on holiday, Mum!”



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