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Hi. The days seem to be rushing by now – it’s already Day 20 of #Blogflash2012. Today’s prompt is Sports. In a way it’s a pity this prompt didn’t come up earlier in the month bearing in mind the Olympics were still in full swing. If it had, I may have written something with a completely different slant to it. However, I decided to share a tiny part of my past with you. I hope you enjoy reading about it!




I loved sports as a child. I was selected for many school teams, but my absolute favourite was athletics.

In my last two years in high school I was captain of the athletics team, representing the school in 100m, 200m, 4x100m relay, discus and high jump.



Chosen to represent my county, I joined an athletics club, quickly rising into the First team for track events, my speciality.

100m Sprint


I trained hard, totally focused; my dream to run for England fuelled me.

My dream – to wear this shirt and represent my country


I got my chance to trial for Team GB. I got through in the 200m and reached the finals of the 100m, my favourite and strongest event. The race began, a knee injury, I fall and my dream was shattered.

Knee injury



10 thoughts on “Sports #BlogFlash2012

    • Hi. Yes it did seem very cruel at the time and when I watched the Olympics last week, it did make me think of what might have been. After my knee got better I returned to dancing and became a professional teacher which I loved and continued with until April this year. Unfortunately I can’t do any sports at the moment and may never be able to go back to it again – I’ll have to wait and see on that score!
      Thank you for your kind comments x

  1. Fascinating Carlie, and so devastating. I’m not sporty at all, but the Olympics was amazing and so inspiring! Thanks for sharing something so personal.

      • Well heck yeah, you should be proud! So should my athlete who came in 4th, it’s just that the idea came to mind when watching hours of Olympics, commentators would kept saing “4th the worst place,” and also that “winning silver just means you’re really the first loser.” If I heard it once, I heard it 6 or seven times and thought how horrible and demeaning to the athletes! :0(

    • Hi Matthew,
      Yes it was very difficult at the time and it took me a few months to get over it, but I’m a fighter and an optimist so I directed my drive and focus on another path.
      Thanks for your kind comments

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