Greed #BlogFlash2012

Hi. It’s funny, but I didn’t have to give today’s prompt as much thought as some of the others. Anyway it’s Day 11 on #BlogFlash2012 and the prompt is Greed. Enjoy!




“You’ll have a heart attack one of these days!” I scolded as my husband took his third large helping of cake. “You don’t exercise and you’re classified as obese.”

“Stop nagging. I’m strong as an ox and I’m fine,” he sneered taking a large bite.


“It’s your funeral,” I mumbled walking away.

After two hours of ironing I returned to the kitchen to find the cake gone – the greedy sod had scoffed the lot.

I strode to the lounge; my husband looked grey and rubbed his left arm.

“Have you got chest pains?” He nodded. I phoned for an ambulance.


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