Journey #BlogFlash2012

Hi Everyone. This is Day 9 of #BlogFlash2012 and today’s prompt is Journey. I thought long and hard about this one. I’ve experienced many fantastic journeys and seen some wonderful things, but which one to choose? Canada in autumn? The Caribbean? Paris? Amsterdam? Athens? Then I had a massive jolt of inspiration (it didn’t hurt that much so don’t worry, lol). So for your reading pleasure, here is my take on the prompt.


A whoop of surprised joy burst from my lips as the radio announced one of my favourite bands was touring the UK.

Heard it on the radio

I grabbed a pen, wrote down the number then pulling out my credit card, reached for the phone. Ten minutes later I’d booked two superb seats. I rang Vicky, told her I’d secured tickets and what date.

The day finally arrived. Excitedly, we drove to Wembley Stadium, parked then found our seats.

The new Wembley Stadium

The palpable atmosphere was electric, the lights dimmed and the opening chords echoed. Lights suddenly exploded to deafening roars from the crowd; Journey appeared on stage.


Journey – one of my favourite bands


15 thoughts on “Journey #BlogFlash2012

  1. Awesome response to journey! know the feeling of booking that ticket, travelling to Wembley to see favourite band. Last year I went to see Take That, year before Muse and the year before that Oasis. Don’t ask which was my favouirte. Each experience was different but all awesome. A brillaint piece. xxx

    • Thanks Lizzie. Have to say it was amazing. I so want to see Muse – they are one of my favourite bands and I listen to them alot when I’m writing. Missed out last time 😦

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