Reading #BlogFlash2012

Hi, today is Day 6 and the prompt for today is Reading. This is one of two subjects I could talk about for hours (writing being the other, of course), but as we’re limited to 100 words, I’ve tried to do something more creative with it. I hope you like it!





Damn! Another power cut. I’ve enough battery to continue writing on my laptop for an hour, but I really fancy reading.


One of my ideas of heaven!


I light some candles; positioned around the room they give it a glow, a warm ambience that electric light can’t compete with. I position a large candle by my chair and grab my book.


Vividly the scene comes to life by the beautiful descriptions


As I delve back into the exciting scene, my mind pictures the images the words create. The beautifully crafted descriptions allow me to wander, to immerse myself in the world on those precious pages, to relate to the characters and I lose myself for a while.

Immersed in the wonderful world created on the pages



14 thoughts on “Reading #BlogFlash2012

    • Hi JB,

      I couldn’t agree more and it actually happened to me only a couple of weeks ago. They shut down our electricity for emergency repairs and I was laying on the sofa reading by candlelight. It was amazing!


    • Hi Terri,

      I do manage to find some great images to convey what I need with the posts! 😀

      I absolutely agree with you and if a book can transport you that way, it shows the quality of writing in the most perfect way.


  1. Very cool! I agree, I have special places to read. I have special memories of those special places! LOVELY images. I am about ready to go get lost in another book myself!

    • I mainly read in bed so I don’t have special places to read. I just love getting so caught up in a story that I lose myself in it – it’s such an amazing feeling. I’ll be reading very soon – it’s way past my bed time!


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