Frustration #BlogFlash2012

Hi, Day 5’s prompt is called Frustration. This is an interesting one to do as it’s something we all suffer from on occasions. I wrote a piece, but wasn’t happy with it at all. So for the first time I’ve gone slightly over my word count and I’m treating you to a tiny edited section from Heart Search: Lost. Hope you like it.



Day 5 – Frustration


“Every dream featured Joshua, surrounded by stunningly people with alabaster skin and fierce eyes, always the same. One girl was always by his side; she looked at Joshua with adoration and this angered me. He was MINE, not hers! Sometimes their movements were so rapid, I would blink and find someone across the other side of the room, or sitting when they had been standing.

The maddening thing was I couldn’t hear conversations –things would’ve made more sense if I could. Their lips moved so quickly it was impossible to make out the words; all I could hear was a gushing sound. More frustrations. How could they move so fast? Why could I never hear them? Who were they? Did he live with them?

So many unanswered questions. Too many.”

One way of getting rid of your frustrations!


17 thoughts on “Frustration #BlogFlash2012

    • Hi Andrew,

      Thank you, I’m glad you liked it.

      Thank you for your nomination for the Liebster Award, I’m very flattered. I’ve checked out your link and have a few questions. How best should I get hold of you?

      Carlie 😮

    • Hi Kriss,

      Thank you for your kind words.

      I think when you’re a writer and you hit a block in your work, or your computer starts to play silly wotsits, it’s very tempting to consume the damn thing. Lol. Nice idea about Idoru doing all the work for you though. Lol.

      Carlie x

    • Hi Terri,

      Thank you – I’m so glad you like it, especially bearing in mind it’s from my novel which isn’t published yet. I’m happy you like the images too.

      Carlie 😀

  1. Hey, I liked that!

    I’m wondering if it is really healthy for that poor woman to be biting her laptop, though. She might chip a tooth, or even worse, she might shock herself if the thing is plugged in.

    • Hi,

      Thank you – I’m glad you liked it.

      You’re right, it probably isn’t healthy for the woman to be biting her laptop, but have you never had one of those days where your computer keeps doing studid things like shutting down out of the blue and losing all your data? It’s happened to me a few times with my old laptop even with it set to auto save every 2 minutes, I lost a whole morning’s work. I didn’t want to bite the laptop though – I wanted to throw it across the room! Whilst the latter would have been more satisfying, the former would have been healthier for the laptop! Lol

      Carlie 😀

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