Gosh, this is scary!

I’ve toyed with the idea of setting up a blog for absolutely ages and now I’ve finally done it. But this is where it gets scary – are people going to want to read what I write?

I suppose, as a writer, I shouldn’t think like that – after all I do hope to have my novel published in the not too distant future – but nearly every writer I know has suffered from this panicky thought at least once. So, how to get past it?

Believe in yourself: If you don’t, how can you expect anyone else to? Think about it this way – if you believe in the world you create on paper/screen, if you believe in the characters you’ve so painstakingly crafted, if you believe in your plot lines and your story as a whole then you should also believe in yourself. As writers, we pour so much of ourselves into our stories/novels/poems – we have to so that our readers can connect with our characters – therefore, it stands to reason that maybe, just maybe, we have more self-belief than we are aware of.

Think positive: Alot of people believe in the power of positive thinking and I’m certainly one of them. Sure I have days where I just want to bury my head under the duvet and gorge myself on chocolate (knowing damn well I’ll beat myself up for it later), or I’ll allow nagging doubts to creep into the labyrinthine corridors of my mind when something goes wrong. Yet, I strongly believe that negative thinking attracts negative energy and vice versa so I try my hardest to be an optimist. I do find that I write better when I’m in a positive frame of mind!

So, now, with a smile on my face and a steady pulse, I’m ready to push the button on this, my first post on my new blog.

Welcome to my world.


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